In addition to my regular studio classes, trainings, & retreats I also host workshops – in person & virtually.

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Monthly Chant-N-Chill at Karma Yoga Center

Join me each month on the 4th Sundays from 11:30-12:30 for Chant-N-Chill.

Chant-N-Chill is my version of mantra meditation. While there are lots of meditation styles, repeating mantra is one of the most powerful, in my humble opinion. When you train the mind to repeat one phrase, over and over again, the chatter in the mind calms & all that is left is the mantra & it’s healing vibrations. You can also use affirmations, but there’s something very special about sanskrit mantra – come find out what!

In this hour, I will teach you a mantra, we will chant it 54-108 times, & meditate. Some months we will learn more than one mantra, and others we will learn just one.

Chant-N-Chill dates are as follows: Sunday April 28th, & May 26th


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(303) 648-1968


Littleton, Colorado


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