Private Yoga

Have you ever considered private or semi-private yoga sessions? They are a wonderful way to get personalized attention and find out how to make the practice of yoga more effective on an individual level.

Choose a private session to help hone your general alignment, get individualized advice on how to perform a particular pose (asana) with more precision and awareness, or find out what aspects to focus on in order to improve your practice. Bring a friend or family member along with you to share the experience. It’s bound to bond you and be something you can share in your quest to become the best you both can be.

Yoga was originally intended to be one teacher to one student. It was something that was individualized, like a prescription, for you – formulated for the specific needs of your body/mind/psyche at that particular moment in time and in your life.

If you’ve ever wondered if the practice that you’re doing is really serving you, or you’ve ever had questions about if you’re doing a posture right, or even just wanted to push yourself to the next level, consider taking a private lesson.


My rate:

$125/hr for one-on-one private. 

No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Please contact me to schedule & discuss details.


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(303) 324-1938


Littleton, Colorado



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